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Why Divine

Divine V/s Others


Divine Solitaires’ 123 Parameters

All our solitaires are checked on 123 parameters which include but not limited to brilliance, fire, scintillation, overtones, fluorescence, and lustre. When a diamond fails to comply with even a single parameter, it does not become a part of our collection. On the contrary, International labs check diamonds across only 40 parameters. The missing parameters can alter the value of a diamond from 20% to 80%.
All our diamonds are pre-certified by reputed 3rd party International laboratories, including GIA and IGI. Furthermore, we issue our own Quality Guarantee Certificate for each diamond.

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Guaranteed Best Quality:

Divine Solitaires, with its Quality Guarantee Certificate, liberates you from all the intricate complications and lets you relish and enjoy the magnificence of a solitaire in its ultimate purity.
We provide authentic proof for diamond attributes in terms of a Divine Solitaires Certificate. Our laboratory grades each diamond through stringent Quality Control (QC) measures and guarantees that the quality grades given by International laboratories (GIA or IGI) will be of the same grade at the least.
Even the poorest-quality diamond can be graded by a third-party lab. But when it comes to the Divine Solitaires lab, you can be assured of the utmost excellence and purity of each solitaire.

How many parameters of a diamond determines its beauty & value?

International Laboratories Certificates

Even the poorest-quality diamond can be graded by a third-party lab.
But when it comes to the Divine Solitaires lab, you can be
assured of the utmost excellence and purity of each solitaire.


According to GIA these 2 diamonds look exactly similar to each other.

Diamond details (Sample A & Sample B): 2.20 Carat, J, SI2, and Excellent Cut

Confusion in certification? Then how to identify the correct one…

If you check the parameters such as cut, colour & clarity of above two certificates, then it is same. We need to understand these 2 diamonds more clearly by checking their plotting…

Price:AUD $ 13,750                  Price:     AUD $ 21,400


See the comment, which says that clouds are not shown in this diamond.


See the comment, which says that additional twinning wisps, pinpoints and surface gaining are not shown in this diamond.

Even having the same parameters, pricing for both the diamonds is different, there is no transparency in the labs certificate. Divine solitaires doesn’t create such kind of ambiguity for same specifications, we guarantee your diamond is qualified “BEST” on all the 123 parameters.

Divine Solitaires Certificate GIA / IGI Certificate
  • Analyzed & Guaranteed best quality
  • Qualified “BEST” on all 123 Parameters
  • Analyzed & Guaranteed best quality
  • Qualified “BEST” on all 123 Parameters


(Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus Craftsmanship

Each Divine Solitaire is treated with the utmost care and crafted with exquisite workmanship, revealing its captivating beauty, unrivalled sparkle and sheer radiance.

The only thing harder than a diamond is the art of cutting it to perfection

We are assisted by an up-to-the-minute manufacturing unit in Mumbai to produce the finest-crafted diamonds which are subjected to stringent quality control measures. The entire manufacturing process takes place under the guidance and supervision of our highly skilled & experienced gemmologists and cutters, using the advanced quality control at every level.

The hallmark of perfection: 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows



We have the expertise and knowledge to consistently cut the diamonds with the precise Hearts & Arrows Cut.
Extraordinary artisanship guarantees a captivating pattern of Hearts and Arrows, which is the proof of a perfect cut and carefully polished diamond.

Why we call it as (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus?

Ex. Ex. Ex. Stands for Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry and PLUS signifying that the diamond has been checked across all 123 parameters.
All our Round Brilliant cut solitaires splendidly display the requisite “8 Hearts” in the face-down position and “8 Arrows” in the face-up position, in perfect symmetry and proportion.
A solitaire diamond with “Hearts and Arrows” is not only bigger but also shines with sheer brilliance and unmatched radiance.

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Cut Beyond Excellence

All our diamonds reflect light with true sparkle and brilliance. Not all excellently cut solitaire diamonds provide optimum brilliance, fire, or scintillation.
We ensure a cut that goes beyond excellent to glow with maximum brilliance and optimum lustre. This has been made possible by using cutting-edge technology and the skills of our master artisans.


Shallow Cut

It looks glassy because light entering the diamond escapes through its lower part.

Deep Cut

It appears dark in the centre as the light gets trapped within the diamond and does not reflect.

Ultimate Light Performance

Light Performance gets calculated on the basis of superior brilliance, extraordinary fire, and mesmerizing sparkles.
We have adopted a highly advanced level of technology and have successfully added an extra dimension of vision and accuracy to a diamond’s traditional 4Cs’ measuring and grading system. This light performance test precisely checks the amount of light bounced back from the diamond, ensuring that truly brightest is the best.


Fire refers to the scattering of light into 7 colours of visible spectrum (rainbow). The fire of a diamond is greatly determined by the cut’s crown height, crown angle, size of the facets, and the overall number of facets in the crown area. The crown acts like a prism, with light exiting the stone after reflecting from the pavilion facet.

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Brilliance can be gauged by the amount of return of white light from a diamond after it is cut and polished. Brilliance is one of the three visual appearances that will eventually decide whether a diamond appears alive or dead. Brilliance can be further categorised as internal brilliance and external brilliance. All our solitaires are excellent in brilliance.

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Sparkle or scintillation is a combination of brilliance and fire. Scintillation occurs by reflection of light back from the diamond, upon movement of the stone or observer.All our solitaires are excellent in sparkle or scintillation.

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Transparent Pricing

Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List

Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List
Divine Solitaires is having a nationwide standard and transparent pricing for solitaire diamonds.

  • The Price list is issued on every month
  • Only under special circumstances, the price list is subject to change without prior notice, upon the discretion of the company, which will be in effect immediately on issuance.
  • Premium pricing is applicable on premium size stones, if not available in stock.

Upgrade at 100% of the prevailing prices

Gain maximum advantage of appreciating prices. We provide our customers a great opportunity to upgrade their diamond to a bigger one by simply paying the difference at the prevailing rate and gain full advantage of price appreciation, that, too, at any of our selected partner jewellers.

Track Prices & your diamond story using Mobile App

App Features:

  • Explore more about the brand and get to know our quality, craftsmanship, transparent pricing, promises and performance on 123 parameters.
  • Check the latest pricing and performance of your diamond based on historical data.
  • Verify or track your diamond to experience its unique story.
  • Add your diamond into the portfolio and check price updates.

Either scan QR code or enter the UID to experience the diamond story:
– Summary: Product details of the diamond
– Certificate: Authentic proof for diamond attributes in terms of diamond certificate
(Divine & International Certificate)
– Hearts & Arrows: 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows in perfect cut, symmetry and proportion
– Light Performance: Ultimate Light Performance based on brilliance, fire & sparkle
– Loupe : Desired experience of a diamond with 360 degree view
– Laser Inscription : Unique Inscription on your diamond
– Journey : Your diamond story, right from the mines to your final polished diamond
– Uploads : Check the latest uploads

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Our Promises

Guaranteed Natural diamond

All our diamonds are pure and natural which are formed through geologic processes

Responsibly sourced diamond

No blood/conflict diamonds

We do not trade in rough diamonds.
We share the commitment of the World Diamond Council to the Kimberley Process to eradicate ‘conflict diamonds’ (the sale of diamonds to purchase weapons and prolong conflict).

No lab grown / synthetic / man-made diamonds

We do not create diamonds but find them. Lab-created diamonds are grown in a highly controlled laboratory environment using advanced technological processes that duplicate the earth’s crust conditions. In this way, they are mass produced. Cost of lab-grown diamonds is much lower than natural diamonds with negligible resale value.

Laser Inscription

Each of our diamonds has a Unique ID number, which is also marked in the certificate. It is also laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond, making it unique and identifiable.

Divine V/s Others

Why are we the best? Find the answer below

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires

Natural vs. Manmade diamonds

Not Guaranteed

Guaranteed Natural diamond

Conflict / Blood Diamond

Not Guaranteed

Strictly adhered to ethical sourcing

Artificial Quality Enhancement

May be or may not be treated on the quality

No artificial treatments

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires


None or at best 3rd party labs like IGI / GIA

Divine Solitaires Quality Guarantee  certificate + 3rd party Lab Certificate like GIA/IGI.

Quality Guarantee Parameters

Analysis on 40 parameters

Guaranteed on 123 parameters

Unique ID Inscription

Not Guaranteed

Laser inscribed on every diamond  protecting against theft & swap

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires

Cut Grade

Ranges from poor to excellent

Always (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus Cut

Hearts & Arrows

Not Guaranteed

All diamonds display perfect hearts & arrows


None to very strong

None to negligible


May have brown or grey overtone

No overtones


May be  dull/dead

Guaranteed brilliance

Extra Facets & Cavities

Might be present


Polished Girdles / Pointed Culets

Not Guaranteed

Present in all Divine Solitaires

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires

Standard Pricing

No standard price

National Standard & Transparent Price List


If available, no transparency

100% of the prevailing prices with complete transparency