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Our diamonds are available in ‘Round Brilliant’ cut. Divine Solitaires are defined by their exquisite (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus Craftsmanship. The Divine Solitaires ‘Round Brilliant’ cut boasts of 57 facets – all cut to reflect perfect symmetry and angles.

Why are we the best? Find the answer below
Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires

Natural vs. Manmade diamonds

Not Guaranteed

Guaranteed Natural diamond

Conflict / Blood Diamond

Not Guaranteed

Strictly adhered to ethical sourcing

Artificial Quality Enhancement

May be or may not be treated on the quality

No artificial treatments

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires


None or at best 3rd party labs like IGI / GIA

Divine Solitaires Quality Guarantee  certificate + 3rd party Lab Certificate like GIA/IGI.

Quality Guarantee Parameters

Analysis on 40 parameters

Guaranteed on 123 parameters

Unique ID Inscription

Not Guaranteed

Laser inscribed on every diamond  protecting against theft & swap

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires

Cut Grade

Ranges from poor to excellent

Always (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus Cut

Hearts & Arrows

Not Guaranteed

All diamonds display perfect hearts & arrows


None to very strong

None to negligible


May have brown or grey overtone

No overtones


May be  dull/dead

Guaranteed brilliance

Extra Facets & Cavities

Might be present


Polished Girdles / Pointed Culets

Not Guaranteed

Present in all Divine Solitaires

Parameters Generic / International Lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires

Standard Pricing

No standard price

National Standard & Transparent Price List


If available, no transparency

100% of the prevailing prices with complete transparency

A pavilion view (seen from the bottom) of a diamond reveals 8 hearts in a circular formation and 8 arrows when viewed from the table (seen from the top) is called the Hearts & Arrows pattern of a diamond. A diamond is classified as perfect when it is cut with precision and superior optical symmetry to reveal the Hearts and Arrows pattern. Each Divine Solitaire Diamond boasts of the Hearts and Arrows pattern showcasing our expert craftsmanship and guaranteeing only the best to you.

Divine Solitaires Diamonds are available in a wide range of sizes – from 0.18 cents to 2.99 cents and above; colours – from D to K and clarity ranges – from IF to S12. Please do peruse our catalogue to choose your dream Divine Solitaire.

Your Divine Solitaires Diamond comes with a Unique ID Number which is mentioned on the girdle of the DS as well on your purchase invoice. You can visit our website or download our ‘Divine Solitaires’ app (available on all smartphones) and click on the icon “Know the Value of Diamond”. All you have to do is enter the DS unique ID number or scan QR code to track the value of your DS Diamond.

We, at Divine Solitaires, pride ourselves on our transparency. We inscribe all our Diamonds with a unique ID on its girdle which is visible through a magnification loupe for you to ensure that the Diamond you get is the Divine Solitaire you chose!!