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We at Divine Solitaires, offer our customers the world’s most exquisite and perfectly crafted diamonds in an organised and transparent manner. All our diamonds adhere to the highest standards of artisanship and stringent quality parameters, which go beyond any certifications from labs.
We offer our customers the best Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List, which guarantees complete peace of mind, total transparency, and an assurance to you that you will get the best value for your money. Some of the unparalleled features of our diamonds are the unique Hearts and Arrows cut, easy Upgrade option, and free Insurance, amongst others.

About Us

At Divine Solitaires our vision is to

Jignesh Mehta
Shailen Mehta
H.Dipak & Co


Vision Statement:
At Divine Solitaires our vision is to:

  • Become India’s most trustworthy brand in the diamond industry
  • Bring transparency in trade when it comes to the loose diamond jewellery sector
  • Bring clarity, uniformity, and transparency in the pricing of diamonds in India
  • Create the finest and highest-quality solitaires that reflect your everlasting love

Mission Statement:
“To provide the consumer with a perfectly-cut diamond solitaire that has ethical sourcing, and quality certification put together in a state-of-the-art packaging.”